Yedoo Hurvínek

Do you have a lively and inquisitive child at home? Then take a look at our new edition of children’s scooters.

Harvie, a children’s puppet show and firm Czech favourite through the generations has been brought to life in the animated film “Harvie and The Magic Museum”.

Yedoo in partnership with the films producers have designed this Special Edition scooter.. available in time for Christmas!


With this lightweight and easy-to-use scooter, heroic tricks will be a piece of cake. This scooter is for young rebels with a daring riding style, but to be on the safe side we´ve installed brakes on both wheels...and you can add a hooter too!


Hurvínek Mini with 12 "/ 12" wheels is designed for children from the age of five.


Hurvínek Scooter with 16 "/ 12" wheels and a load capacity of 100 kg can be ridden by children from the age of six.


Hurvínek's Hooter


Both scooters will be available for sale at the beginning of October 2017. Book yours now at!