Yedoo Alloy Scooters in Detail

The success of the Yedoo Alloy line is the fruit of the many hours that we have spent listening to you, our active scooter riders. As a result, we have managed to build machines that are unique in so many ways.

The Yedoo Alloy lines of Wolfer, Trexx, Dragstr, Rodstr and Friday, have several design elements that are new to the world of cycling. Let's take a closer look.

The base of the Yedoo full aluminum frame consists of multi-chamber profiles that withstand vertical and lateral stress well. The frame is lightweight, perfectly solid and very durable thanks to this profiling.

We have cut the main profile and attached it to other parts of the frame with multilevel welds. This reinforcement (at the head tube and the footboard), brings optimum solidity, which prevents the frame from springing but at the same time absorbs vibrations.

The footboard has an original design as well. It has a trapezoidal profile with tilted sides enabling the scooter to bank safely when cornering.


The reinforced front of the footboard contributes to safe driving and protection.

The total height of the footboard - only 27 mm, means a minimum footboard height for a rider while keeping sufficient distance from the ground. Both parameters can still be customized using a dual-position rear fork.

Yedoo Wolfer and Trexx have a quality Aluminium non-threaded headset with industrial bearings. Smaller models Dragstr, Rodstr and Friday are equipped with a threaded headset.

Each has it’s own advantage. The non-threaded model is more suited to sports machines where there is no need to change the height of the handlebars. It can be adjusted to some extent by using spacer rings, but the threaded headset allows for a quick adjustment of the handlebar height using an allen key. 

The narrow Aluminium hubs with a width of 74 mm, produced for Yedoo by NOVATEC, allow us to narrow the rear fork so you minimize the risk of ankle injuries during push offs. Special low headed screws can be fitted instead of quick release ones on Trexx, Dragstr, Rodstr and Friday.

 Yedoo Wolfer and Trexx are designed for longer distances and are equipped with Kenda tyres which have a special anti-puncture Kevlar layer, minimising the possibility of flat tyres.

All models have high quality brakes. Wolfer is fitted with Caliper front brakes for improved aerodynamics. Wolfer and Trexx have Tektro brake levers with a rubber inserts, which are not only functional but pleasing to touch. Soft grips on Yedoo Wolfer guarantee that your hands will not get tired even during long journeys.