What to pack for a 1 day scooter trip?

With the summer approaching, many of us will be thinking about getting out on the kick scooter for longer rides. The Bubble Bike team has a few tips on what to pack when planning a day trip out!


You will need your things packed in a practical handlebar bag or a backpack. Always remember that you want easy access to your water, snacks or extra clothes.

The handlebar bags are usually attached with velcro straps or metal brackets. If you decide for a backpack, consider having a hydration bag (e.g. Camelbak), so you do not have to stop every time you feel thirsty. Of course, a normal backpack is perfectly scooter friendly as well!

Food and Fluids

Always remember to take enough fluids... and some extra if the weather is hot! Water is the best bet here but there is nothing wrong with isotonic drinks. There are also many energy products on the market, some of them healthier than others but you can never go wrong with a pack of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and a bar of dark chocolate. For your main meal consider rice and grains, wholemeal pasta, any source of protein and plenty of vegetables. Keep in mind that you should not get hungry and top up your energy levels regularly.


Extra layers of clothes are essential. Even if you think that nothing can surprise you, stick an extra t-shirt, trousers and socks in your bag. Arm warmers are a useful accessory and turn short sleeves into long sleeves in few seconds. Also a thin waterproof jacket is worth considering.


A small hand pump, an extra inner tube for each of the wheels and a basic first aid kit can save the day. Even if your scooter is well serviced and ready for long rides a flat tyre can happen anytime. Carrying 2 extra inner tubes and a pump does not add on too much weight and can come useful!

Also a first aid kit helps with scratches, blisters or other small injuries, so do not underestimate having one in your bag.

Of course do not forget your scooter, helmet and enjoy the ride!