From Amsterdam to Dunkirk On A Kick Scooter

Travelling 300km on a kick scooter

Scooter enthusiasts, Katie Elfer and her eleven year old son Finley recently completed a 300km journey from Amsterdam to Dunkirk on their Yedoo Trexx.

The duo decided to spend the Easter holidays bonding on the epic adventure with just a backpack of spare clothes and GPS. They took 7 days to cover the route which stretched from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, through Belgium, and into France before boarding a ferry bound for Dover at Dunkirk.

What made you decide to do the trip?

I’d been promising Fin for a while that we could plan an adventure together. He’s 11, so I won’t be able to convince him to hang out with me for much longer! We were going to walk, but looking at the maps it quickly became clear we couldn’t get very far in a week.

On a scooter, you can travel at running speed for 5-6 hours a day. This meant we could cover much longer distances. We figured we could cover 300km or so and decided on the route between Amsterdam and Dunkirk.

What made you choose to ride kick scooters rather than bikes?

I have a terrible balance on a bicycle so get anxious riding on busy roads. With a bike, there is much more that can go wrong mechanically too. Scooters are slower, but they are simple to fix and easy to ride. The Trexx is super-light but also robust – ideal for off-road and it copes well with rougher terrain.

What were the best bits?

I loved travelling light and experiencing a different place each day. The scenery was always changing. Crossing the enormous sea bridges in Holland, we had water stretching our either side of us. We were blown about by the sea winds and felt tiny.

Finley grew so much in confidence too. He helped navigate and plan each day and was a source of moral support. I wanted to feel at the end of the week, that he had the skills to do the trip independently.

What were the harder bits?

In France, the cycle paths seemed to disappear. The last 5k was along main roads and had to navigate across a roundabout with massive freight lorries! That was pretty terrifying.

I missed fresh food too. We didn’t have much space to pack food so there were lots of plain crackers and dried fruit.

We were so happy to find a market one day on the route and ate watermelon with
our hands on the roadside. It was the best ever!