New Scooters For Children!

After the introduction of a new sports line of adult scooters, Yedoo Aluminium, it is the children's turn.


New kid's models Mau New, Tidit New, Wzoom New now offer more space for riding, easier control and greater assurance.

Girls and boys can look forward to a new footboard with fully-integrated kickstand and Wzoom with its larger front wheel. And we’ve managed to drop the total weight by up to 400 grams!

Yedoo Mau New - an ideal model for entering the world of scooters (4+)
 Mau New - an ideal model for entering the world of scooters (4+)

Yedoo Tidit New - a scooter for bold preschoolers (5+)
Tidit New - a scooter for bold preschoolers (5+)
Wzoom New - a scooter for older children (6+)


Due to its light construction and special reinforcement, the original Yedoo Kids double-tube frame is simultaneously light and super strong.

This new frame has reduced the weight of the scooter, which is also shorter. As a result it’s easier to carry and store.

The reinforcement in the front part of the frame keeps the scooter solid and tough in all directions.

The optimised shape of the frame, longer footboard and lower clearance between the footboard and the ground, accompanied by 74 mm hubs, offers more space for the rider.

The newly designed footboard offers more foot space and comfort. The anti-slip surface contributes to safe riding under difficult conditions.


The handlebar shape and dimensions are compatible with the rider's recommended age categories. Junior brake levers are adjustable so you can change the distance between the brakes and the handlebars according to the size of your child's hand.

Yedoo Kids handlebar grips with reinforced and enlarged ends ensure safety and protect the hands while riding.

The new original stand is fully integrated into the frame. In the up position it does not interfere in the scooter’s ride. Scooters in the stand position are significantly more stable.




Brake wire integrated in the frame.

We have installed reflective elements not only onto the tyres but also onto the handlebar cover.