Introducing Yedoo YooToo Balance Bike

Yedoo YooToo is our top of the range balance bike!

It has many clever details and weighing just 3.4 kg or 7.5 lb, it is one of the lightest on the market.

YooToo features include an anatomic seat, ergonomic handlebars with reinforced ends, smooth-running children´s brakes, a safe steering limiter and a bearing wheel headset. On top of all this, there’s a silver Aluminium frame and a dual position rear fork for changing the seat height with your child's growth.

The Rider

We recommend that the minimum height of the rider should be 85 cm or 34 in. This usually matches the age of 18 months upwards, but please remember that every child is different and the height and motor skills should be the main guideline showing that your child is ready to ride a balance bike!

YooToo normally lasts up to 3 - 4 years of age. The main feature on this balance bike is its dual position rear fork, allowing you to lift the frame higher as your child gets taller.

The weight limit is 50 kg or 110 lb.

Technical Specifications

The lightweight frame of YooToo is made from Aluminium Alloy. The hi-ten front fork is available in 6 colours so there is a choice for everyone!


The handlebars are made from pure Aluminium and the rubber grips have extra wide thick ends so the handlebar tubing doesn't break through in case of a fall. It also protects little hands from hitting the wall whilst riding or the ground when falling on the side.

Handlebar height is adjustable (51 - 56 cm or 20.1 to 22 in), as well as the height of the anatomic seat (29 - 43 cm or 11.4 to 16.9 in).

YooToo has NECO bearing headset with a steering limiter that stops the handlebar from twisting around 360 degrees and helps with turning when riding the balance bike.

The Tektro Alloy brake lever, suitable for tiny hands, works perfectly with the mini rear Tektro Alloy “V” brake. Children usually start braking with their feet and then move on to a hand brake so don't worry if your son or daughter doesn't use the handbrake straight away...everyone has to learn!

Pump up 12-inch wheels make for an easy ride on almost every terrain. You can go on grass or pavement and feel comfortable leaving your little ones to enjoy their adventure. The Kenda tyres are provided with reflective dots and together with the reflective eyes on the handlebar cover make the balance bike more visible.

The Yedoo YooToo balance bike is a great choice if you are looking for a high quality, lightweight balance bike that will last your child for many years.


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