Introducing Yedoo Dragstr

Dragstr is a fast and light big wheeled kick scooter for adults. Its premium components and Aluminium frame are similar to Rodstr except both wheels are 20" making Dragstr faster and more dynamic.

The scooter is suitable for all sorts of terrain and the double rear fork allows you to set up the footboard height to a lower or higher position.


Handlebars are also height adjustable which helps the rider to stand up in the correct position.



The Rider

We recommend that the rider be at least 130 cm (4 ft 3) tall to experience a safe and comfortable ride and with a loading capacity of 150 kg (23.5 st), the scooter is suitable for adults and older children alike.


If you consider the Dragstr for your child please keep in mind that the adult size brake levers can be difficult to reach with little hands so always check this before the ride.


Technical Details

The Aluminium frame and forks make the Dragstr very lightweight, weighing just 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs).

Together with the Tektro “V” brakes and Kenda tyres (20”  front and the back), the Dragstr can get through different kinds of terrain with ease.

The scooter has a double position rear fork allowing you to lift or lower the frame depending on the terrain. The ground clearance in the lower position is 4.5cm (1.8 in) and in the higher position 6.5cm (2.6in). The footboard itself is then 7.2cm - 9.2cm (2.8in - 3.6in) above the ground.

One of the clever details of the Yedoo Dragstr is a handle at the end of the footboard. This is a clever accessory when you need to lift the scooter by foot over a kerb or carry it by hand.

The anti-slip lightened footboard is 40cm (15.7in) long and has sloping sides, especially designed for easy turns without catching the ground. The anti-slip stripes are extremely useful ..not just on a rainy day!

The handlebar height is adjustable from 90cm (35.4in) to 95cm (37.4in).

A fully set up scooter is 159cm (62.6in) long.

Yedoo Dragstr is a great choice for rides in a city as well as for off-road trips. It will quickly become a part of your everyday life.