Introducing Kickbike City G4

The Kickbike City G4 is one of our customer's favorite urban scooters. It is equipped with a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, a combination that makes the scooter suitable for gravel and hard paths. 

This luxury scooter is also equipped with a basket, bell, kickstand, mudguards, and a toolset.

Both, the footboard and the handlebars are height adjustable. Due to its compact nature, this scooter can fit in any car or caravan which makes it easy to transport. The scooter is also handy for employees at large warehouses and airports or as an excellent partner for walking your dog!


We recommend that the minimum height of the rider should be 150cm (4ft 11) and the maximum height 190cm (6ft 3).

The scooter is suitable for older children (12 years upwards),  but thanks to the 120kg (18.8 st) loading capacity suits adults as well.

If you consider the City G4 for your child please keep in mind that the adult size brake levers can be difficult to reach with little hands.

Technical Details

The steel frame and forks provide a solid base for the scooter. Together with the front and rear “V” brakes and the Kenda Kwest tyres (26” front and 16” back), the City G4 is perfect for different kinds of terrain. Single wall alu rims help keep the weight down to just 10kg (22lb).

The scooter has a double position rear fork allowing to lift or lower the frame depending on your needs and terrain. The ground clearance in the lower position is 5cm (1.9in) and in the higher position 7cm (2.7in). The footboard itself is 8cm or 10cm (3.2in or 3.9in) above the ground.

One of the clever details of the Kickbike scooters is a metal handle at the end of the footboard. This is a handy accessory when you need to lift the scooter by foot over a kerb or carry it by hand.

The anti-slip lightened footboard is 38cm (14.9in) long and 11cm (4.3in) wide and has sloping sides, specially designed for easy turns without catching the ground.

The handlebar height is adjustable from 103cm (40.6in) to 107cm (42.1in) which allows the basket to fit comfortably.


A fully set up scooter is 161cm (63.3in long), of which the frame itself is 110cm (43.3in).


Kickbike City G4 is a great choice for middle length rides in a city and light terrain and will quickly become a part of your everyday life.

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