Driving tips for Children

Driving Tips

When is the right time to upgrade to a scooter? Usually not earlier than 4 years old or when a child has enough strength to control the scooter safely. Children under four will feel more comfortable with a balance bike. For the youngest children, we recommend Yedoo Mau New, for preschoolers Yedoo Tidit New, for older children Yedoo Wzoom New.
      Provide the children with time to learn
      At first glance, riding a scooter may seem simple and intuitive. Some children have no problems coordinating the necessary movements and maintaining balance. But others need a little time before they figure out how to control their scooter. 
        Practice alternating feet
        Practicing alternating feet can be unusual for even the most proficient children.This helps to avoid overloading one side of the body and also develops motor skills.
          Teach them to curve
          Before riding, explain to children that sharp turns are not good for scooters and it is better to curve smoothly. Sharp turns make a scooter lose stability.