9 Reasons To Buy A Kick Scooter

Do you need to get more exercise and are thinking of a new activity that would bring joy and a fresh impulse into your life? Try a scooter! You can enjoy an effort-free ride or get intensive training for shaping your body. You can ride through the city, enjoy the countryside or have a holiday adventure!

1 Anyone can learn how to ride a scooter

Pushing off is easy and anyone can quickly learn how to start. You can jump on and off ..or walk if you feel like it. Just be careful and do not hold the handlebars with one hand. It may look cool but is not safe at all! Also, make sure that you or your child are wearing a helmet and reflective accessories...the first rule is safety!  We would recommend you start on a flat surface and taking it easy on your first outing.


2 You will move all your body parts

Not only your lower and upper limb muscles but also abdominal and back muscles will be involved whilst scootering. Do not forget to swap your legs regularly. This is because the standing leg is using a different muscle group than the leg you are pushing off. By swapping right and left leg, you will prevent overstretching and also help balance your posture.

3 Effective weight loss

An hour of average intensity kick scooting equals 400 to 500 burned calories.  Also, it helps to shape the problematic parts of your body – thighs, buttocks, hips, belly, and waist. The time spent on your scooter is as energetically demanding as aerobics or fast running and it is great fun!

4 Ideal transport in a city

You can hardly find a better mode of transport in a crowded city full of obstructions. You can ride short distances faster than on a bike or walking and reach your destination in a shorter period of time. Due to the fact that there are no pedals and the lightweight construction of the frame, it is easy to handle and store your scooter and of course, kick scooting doesn't harm the planet!

5 Elegant style

There is no need to worry about losing your style with a scooter. In fact, lots of people think about a scooter as an elegant accessory! Wearing a dress or skirt is not an issue and male riders do not have to worry about tearing the trousers or creasing their suit. And you are getting fitter with every kick!

6 Storage and practicality

You can easily fit the scooter into a boot of your car or a garden shed. Regardless of the high quality of our products, we advise being careful with long term storing in damp spaces. Small scooter parts as screws and brakes can get rusty and effect the ride. You can put your handbag, backpack or your shopping bag in the handlebar basket and mums will definitely appreciate the possibility of attaching a child seat. Children get a great view and enjoy the ride with you!

7 Easy maintenance

There are not many parts that can break and the maintenance is therefore easy. Generally, you will manage with a bike pump and pre-season service when taking care of your scooter.

8 Environmentally friendly

There is no doubt that you support a healthy lifestyle and responsible attitude to the environment by riding a scooter. No pollution, no noise and it is basically free to run!

9 It is great fun

Scooter riding is, above all, great fun! Our design developers keep improving all the details so every new model is modern and original. Whether you are training, relaxing, walking your dog or using your scooter as a mode of transport, it will bring you lots of joy and pleasure.

Not sure which model to choose? Have a chat with us and we will find the right scooter for you together!